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Jacob Spriggs is a visual artist native to Minnesota. In 2012 he received his B.F.A. in Studio Art with a double major in Art History at St. Cloud State University, and was a founding member of The Gallery Vault in downtown Saint Cloud.  Working with Polaroid instant film and the collection/appropriation of found photographs, his work blurs the lines between a diary and the fictive.  He recently relocated to Olympia, Washington in search of new surroundings/people in pursuit of a broadening artistic practice.

Artist Statement

I am interested in photography and found images as a way to reconstruct memories, landscapes, and portraits.  The documentation of events with my Polaroid cameras and the accumulation of journals, magazines, and miscellaneous photographs have manifested into a collection of experiences both of mine and foreign.  This collection is then broken down, dissected, and reassembled through an integration of painting, photography, and collage to create disembodied nostalgias.